Ümit Kartoğlu

Ümit Kartoğlu is a medical doctor and a scientist at the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva.

Ümit began his career in Turkey, where he served at all levels of the national health system for over 10 years. He joined UNICEF in 1994 and has been with WHO since 2001.

Ümit has brought to life the WHO-UNICEF Effective Vaccine Store Management initiative, Global Training Network for Vaccine Management, and the Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) project. Currently Umit is coordinating the Global Learning Opportunities (GLO) network.

Ümit has developed a variety of courses, tools and games for learning. He received six international awards in the field of research and communication, including the 2010 IQPC Cool Chain Excellence Award and the 2011 and 2013 Ludwig Rajchman Public Health Award. Ümit was named as one of the "Temperature Controlled Logistics Leaders for 2012" by the IQPC's Temperature Control Logistics & Quality Network, an international industry peer group recognizing 15 of the most influential and inspiring thought leaders in global pharmaceutical supply chain. He also received the 2015 Golden Award in e-learning category of the Hermes Creative Awards for e-Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management course.


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